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Raspberry Pi Weather Station with Satellite Capability

Having previously built a full blown PC based weather station, I was keen to see if the Raspberry Pi was powerful enough to decode signals from an APT satellite like the American NOAA 15, 18 and 19. A solar powered weather station is the end goal, but the first step was to set up the […]

Steam user number blip

After logging into Steam today I noticed this weird drop in online users – something caused by a server upgrade?  The service seems to be functioning well as the time of writing. The number of currently online users curve has returned to trend in the graphic below.

TSCC – Can’t play video AVI?

By default, video AVI files created by Camtasia Studio use the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC).  If you can’t play them from your favourite media player you can either locate, download and install the TSCC codec (which is free to distribute) or use the CamTasia free player.


Just saw this pop up on the radar, and it seems like a neat idea.  Personally I never got into the GeoCaching thing too much before (you had to buy the App), but this supposedly has an open platform so it’s probably worth another look.  A quick check of the South coast reveals a cluster […]